Prophetic News is dedicated to simplifying Biblical Prophecies and utilizing current events to reveal where we are located on God's Prophetic Timeclock.  Jesus Christ is coming soon to rule this world, and to save the souls of those who love Him!  Join us - as we journey into the deep things of God! 

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Prophetic News is EVERYWHERE!  You COULD surf through hundreds of different news agencies, and spend your entire day looking for prophecy in the news. 


Or (the BETTER option) you could - save your precious time and energy by visiting our website on a regular basis, where we have done the work for you!


The Menu Options (listed at the top of the page) displays a "Prophecy in the News" link, where you can either browse the main headlines; or, you can read the entire article of interest by visiting the website of the original source.  You may also visit this exciting page by clicking on any of the "newspaper icons" throughout our website.

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